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Atom Feeds in Jekyll: Redux

3 minute read

It’s been over a decade since I’ve started using Jekyll and I’m still struggling with setting up Atom feeds there. Perhaps this happens mostly, because I rar...

A Note About Recruiters

9 minute read

Yesterday I got yet another completely absurd cold email from an incompetent technical recruiter:

Blog Comments are Dead

1 minute read

Here’s one random observation - (almost) nobody comments directly on blog posts these days. It seems that all the conversations happen somewhere else - Reddi...

The MacBook: Redux

4 minute read

I wonder how many people remember the 12-inch MacBook that Apple introduced to much fanfare in 2015. It was supposed to be the future of computing, a super t...

Switching to Minimal Mistakes

1 minute read

Today I’ve switched the blog’s theme from Hydeout to Minimal Mistakes. I did so for several reasons: