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Clojure Tricks: Number to Digits

1 minute read

If you’re into programming puzzles you probably know that there’s a whole class of problems about doing something (e.g. some calculations) with the digits of...

Clojure Tricks: Zipping Things Together

1 minute read

Many programming languages have a function for combining the elements of multiple collections (e.g. arrays or lists) together. Typically this function is nam...

Clojure Tricks: Replace in String

1 minute read

Today I saw a clever bit of Clojure code involving clojure.string/replace, that reminded me how powerful the Clojure standard library is. I guess pretty much...

A Note About “Guest” Posts

1 minute read

Pretty often I receive emails like this one:1 Today I got three of those, which inspired me to write this short article. ↩

Dealing with Unwanted Email

2 minute read

It’s no secret that I love email. One of the great things about email addresses is that they are public and that everyone can get in touch with you this way....