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Remember me trying out Mastodon a while ago? Well, it didn’t stick. For various reasons.

I’m still not happy with the current state of X/Twitter, though, so I kept looking for other alternatives and lately I’ve been playing with Bluesky. I like it for a few reasons:

  • I don’t have to think which server to use
  • I can easily self-verify using some domain that I own
  • It looks just like Twitter
  • They don’t have plans to monetize it with ads (or so they claim)
  • It’s small enough that bots and trolls still don’t care about it
  • It’s developing quickly - I’ve noticed lots of improvements over the time I’ve been using it

Bluesky still misses a lot of features I consider important - from basic stuff like bookmarks, to more important things like enough (critical mass of) people using it. Still, it has a nice vibe and I think it has a higher chance to succeed in the long run, compared to Mastodon.

I serious doubt in will really challenge the leading position of X (or even that of Threads), but as long as it attracts enough people to be useful that’d be a big success in my book.

If you’re on Bluesky feel free to ping me. If you haven’t tried it already - it just went public a few days ago, after requiring invites for sign-up for the past year. See you around! Blue skies ahead!