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Twitter these days is all about drama related to… Twitter (Elon Musk). That really pains me, given that as long as it has existed Twitter has been the only social network that I’ve truly enjoyed using.

Lately a lot of people of people I know have quit Twitter and switched to Mastodon. This finally forced me to check out Mastodon myself and after some initial period of discovery & confusion I’ve settled on Hachyderm as my (primary instance). In short - I love the name and the mission. My handle there is bbatsov@hachyderm.io.

You’ll also find me on a few other Mastodon instances, but I don’t plan to use my accounts there much:

  • Fosstodon - this was the first instance I tried, because it had a cool name and I’m into FOSS. At first I was thinking of posting here updates to my OSS work and everything else to Hachyderm, but I’d rather have only one canonical account for everything.
  • ruby.social - I just this one just because I know so many people from the community and it was the only instance where reading the local feed make sense. Don’t expect much (any) activity from me there.
  • masto.bg - One of the general-purpose Mastodon instances for Bulgarian speakers. Probably not of interest to you, unless you know Bulgarian.

Not sure how much I’ll be using Mastodon, as I still have hope that Musk won’t kill Twitter and I certainly like the user experience there a lot more. On the other hand - I do find appealing the idea of a distributed social network that’s not controlled by any business and I’m curious how far it can scale given all the resource limitations. Time will tell!

See you on Mastodon!