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In the end, there can be only one.

– Highlander

I’ve had a problem with email for a while now. It took me a while to recognize how absurd this is, but it finally happened. Using multiple email vendors is major pain in the ass, so I finally decided to clean up shop a little bit.

Ever since I started using Fastmail I pretty much stopped using the other email vendors that I had accounts with. I kept them around for unclear reasons (e.g. maybe they’d introduce some killer new feature or maybe I’d find some use for each of them down the road), but at some point I almost forgot about them and would only be reminded when someone sent me an email using a vendor I don’t really monitor. Needless to say it always took me a while to figure out that something like this had happened.

In the end I’ve decided to kill my Hey and Proton subscriptions and focus entirely on Fastmail. Yeah, I still have accounts with Google, Apple and Microsoft, but I never really use them for email.

Playing with different email services was certainly fun and I did learn a lot from Hey, but it feels nice to have a simpler email setup. Moving on to my next mania!