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After switching (think) to Minimal Mistakes I’ve been doing some small improvements to the site’s structure and content. I thought it might be a good idea to summarize them here:

  • I’ve updated the About page. It now includes a lot more information about me and (think)’s background and mission.
  • I’ve moved the contact information from the About page to a dedicated page.
  • I’ve added a simple lunr-powered search. I should have done this a while ago, but Minimal Mistakes made this so easy that I finally had no excuse not to do it. It’s not as fancy as Algolia-powered search, but it mostly gets the job done.
  • I’ve replaced the old custom Archive and Tags pages, with the versions of those pages provided by Minimal Mistakes. Now they look much better as a result.
  • I’ve added dedicated Atom feeds for the main topics I’ve historically written about:
    • Ruby
    • Clojure
    • Emacs
    • Meta (I use this a replacement for “Misc”, so expect all sorts of disconnected articles here)
  • I’ve added a table of contents to many of my longer articles (here’s an example
  • I’ve been going over some of my old articles and I’ve fixed tags, broken links, typos, grammar and markup here and there.

I have to say that this has been a very fun process and Minimal Mistakes has been an absolute joy to use so far! Next step - finally learn how to use Jekyll’s collections and add something else besides articles to the site.