About Me


I’m Bozhidar1 and I love computers in general and programming in particular2. My fanatic devotion to Emacs is known world-wide. I spend a lot of my (free) time on GitHub, contributing to various open-source Ruby, Clojure and Emacs Lisp projects.

The above paragraph is actually what I typically use as my bio for conference talks. I love speaking at conferences and I’m really bad at it!3

About (think)

This site was my first attempt to write. I failed miserably and I produced some pretty crappy content, but I also learned a lot in the process.

These days most of my writing happens at Meta Redux, but I still plan to post here things that are worth sharing, but don’t fit the overall idea of Meta Redux.

I guess I’ll mostly be writing on programming-related topics, but who knows… Knowing me there’s a high chance I won’t actually write anything at all!

Emacs Redux

I run a separate blog focused on Emacs, that you might want to check out as well - Emacs Redux.



This website is powered by Jekyll and uses the Hydeout theme.

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I write all of the articles in Emacs and publish them to GitHub pages. These days I’m a macOS user most of the time. When I’m at home I do all my writing on my beloved Leopold FC660C4. When I’m on the road I do (or don’t do) my writing on a Apple Magic Keyboard or the built-in MacBook keyboard5.

The source code of the site is freely available at GitHub.

  1. Божидар in Bulgarian. I know, I know - that’s both pretty hard to read and to pronounce. My friends call me Bug and so can you. 

  2. Especially Lisps! And Unix-like operating systems! And Emacs! And video games! 

  3. But at least I’m honest with myself. 

  4. Also known as the “best keyboard ever”. Seriously! 

  5. Also known as the “worst keyboard ever”. No shit!