General Notes

I’d be really glad to hear from you, if you want to talk about:

  • content on the site (e.g. share some feedback about an article I wrote)
  • Emacs
  • any of my OSS projects
  • presentations I gave
  • career development
  • any topic that is of interest to me (if you know/follow me, you definitely know what they are)

I’ll likely ignore messages:

  • from random recruiters who are interested in my (non-existing) React.js and PHP skills
  • about “guest” articles from marketing agencies
  • that are hostile and non-constructive
  • that are sales pitches for random services (I’ve never bought into a service after a cold email from a sales rep, so don’t waste your time with me)

Getting in Touch

The best way to reach me is via email. I love email and rarely bother to check messages on LinkedIn (and social media in general). More details below.


Feel free to contact me at first name at about anything. Email is a great place for private constructive conversations. It’s also a great option to discuss my open-source projects, if you’re the type of person who avoids using GitHub.

Note: I can heartily recommend Fastmail to everyone looking for a great email service that respects your privacy and embraces email standards. Using my affiliate link to sign up will give you a 10% discount for the first year.


The best place to collaborate on any of my OSS projects is GitHub. I welcome all contributions, no matter how small they are. I also try to help all contributors with feedback and guidance.

My projects are spread over several GitHub accounts:

Feel free to also send PRs addressing the many typos and the bad English grammar in this blog. I guess it’s obvious I don’t really proofread my articles.

X (Twitter)

Twitter is the only social media that I like1 and use frequently. It’s a great place for sharing quick feedback, shout-outs, etc.

While my DMs there are open, I generally prefer emails over Twitter DMs. For me Twitter is all about public conversations.


Bluesky reminds me of the early days of Twitter and I’m somewhat active there as well. You can find my Bluesky profile here.


After some initial period of discovery & confusion I’ve settled on Hachyderm as my instance. In short - I love the name and the mission. My handle there is

Circa 2024 I don’t use Mastodon as much as X and Bluesky, but this may change down the road.

Blog Comments

For reasons outlined here I’ve removed comments from this blog.

I keep an eye on the traffic coming to the blog, so if my articles end up on Reddit, HackerNews, etc, I’ll likely notice this and join the conversation there.


I accept most invitations to connect, but I rarely respond to any messages there. If you want to get my attention on LinkedIn you’ll have to try really hard. Emails work a lot better!

  1. Or used to like. I definitely liked it a lot more before Elon Musk took control of it.