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Projectile 0.12 is finally out!

A lot of time has passed since the previous stable release, for which I’m truly sorry. I kept delaying and delaying the release for various reasons, but it’s finally here and it’s pretty big. Please, consult the changelog for some of the more interesting changes. Note that some changes and new features are totally undocumented, as I haven’t been as demanding to contributors as I’m usually on my other projects (meaning I didn’t ask everyone to update the changelog or the readme).

It’s funny how open-source works - I never expected that Projectile would have any users except me, but today it’s one of the most popular 3rd party Emacs extensions. Unfortunately I’m involved with many other projects and have a pretty demanding day job, so issues and feature requests have been piling up lately. 80 open issues - that’s depressing! I guess I’m a pretty lame maintainer!

If you like the project, I’d appreciate your assistance to bring their number down. Many of the requests are relatively easy to implement, some don’t make sense and should be simply closed (or might have been fixed accidentally). Same goes for the open PRs.

That’s all for me now, folks! I’ll try to deliver stable releases faster in the future, but I won’t make any promises. Thanks for all your help and support! I really appreciate them!

P.S. I’d love for Projectile to have a cool logo. Maybe someone can help out with that as well?