Solarized for Emacs

I’ve created a new port of the Solarized color theme for Emacs 24. While there is another existing port of the theme I’ve decided to into a separate direction since I’ve wanted to keep the development of Solarized and Zenburn for Emacs in sync.

So without further ado here’s a screenshot of the theme (or the dark variant to be precise):

Solarized for Emacs

Note that this is a very early version and I haven’t fine tuned all the colors yet. The source code and installation instructions can be found on GitHub.

The theme is already bundled in Emacs Prelude and I’ll submit it to Marmalade soon. Note that I’ve dropped some things like the degraded palette and the 16 color palette (at least for now), since I doubt many people need them. On the other hand - you’ll proper coloring in most prominent modes out of the box.

Feedback, suggestions and patches are always welcome.