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Today I’ve noticed that I’ve written 36 articles to date here, which beats my previous annual record of 34 articles from 2011. I definitely didn’t see this coming, especially given how tough the year has been for me on multiple levels.

A few years ago (think) was stagnant (I wrote 0 articles in both 2016 and 2017) and when I launched Meta Redux in 2018 I thought this was probably the end of my original blog. It’s funny that 4 years later I do most of my writing here again, and I even managed to reach the heights of my activity from the days when I was younger and had both more energy and more time to spare.1 Let’s hope I’ll keep this positive momentum going for a while, as there are definitely many topics that I’d like to explore here.

This blog was quite the journey:

  • 14 years have passed since its launch
  • The name kept changing2
  • My vision for the blog kept changing
  • The visuals kept changing
  • The underlying tech stack kept changing

Yet it is still here. And I’m still here. And we both keep evolving.

Thanks for following that wild journey along! As usual I’m optimistic that the best is yet to come. Until the next article!

  1. I’m not that sure about the “had more time to spare” part. 

  2. Although I can recall for certain just one different name - “DevCraft”. I believe this was the original name, when I launched the blog on Wordpress.