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Pretty often I receive emails like this one:1

I was curious if you’re open to guest posts and if my suggested topic would be of interest to you. I’d like to write an article for you about the potential routes of discovery for creatives (this includes fashion designers, painters, and artisans). I’ll offer them suggestions on how to get discovered by as many people as possible so they may support themselves by doing what they love.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see this piece and perhaps think about posting it on your website? Let me know when you have some spare time, please.

What are my thoughts on this? It’s never happening! I didn’t start a personal blog, so I’d be posting here random content from random sources. My blog, my thoughts, my rules. I don’t care about making money out of my blog - I care only about writing down my thoughts and sharing them with the world.

On a side note - that’s clearly some automated messaging, as they didn’t even bother to check the content on my blog first. Clearly I’m pretty far away from “fashion designers, painters, and artisans”…

I wish some of those “content managers” would come across this article and think twice about their approach and the people who they are targeting. I’m quite skeptical this is going to happen, though, so I’ll just keep dealing with them the only way I know how.

Oh, well - now at least you have something you can share in similar situations. Now it’s time to go back to more “creative” endeavors.

  1. Today I got three of those, which inspired me to write this short article.