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17 years ago the famous blogger John Gruber, of Daring Fireball fame, introduced the concept of a “link log”/”linkblog”:1

New feature at Daring Fireball: the Linked List, a daily list of interesting links and brief commentary on DF-related topics, updated frequently but not frenetically. Call it a “link log”, or “linkblog”, or just “a good way to dick around on the Internet for a few minutes a day”.

I’ve been a long-time reader of “Daring Fireball” and I always liked how John was sharing his perspective on things he found interesting. That’s why when I recently migrated my blog to Minimal Mistakes, I was happy to find out that Minimal Mistakes supports link posts natively.2 Inspiration acquired!

I’ve been experimenting with them recently (e.g. No Hello) and I like the results so far. I’ve also realized that link logs are the ultimate (public) bookmarks - I don’t know about you but I rarely bother to browse my browser bookmarks; it’s way more likely that I’ll revisit my blog archive.

There’s no shortage of topics that I’m interested in, and I’m quite opinionated in most of them, so expect to see more “link log”-style of articles from me going forward. Don’t worry, though! I don’t plan to write 5-10 of them each day, so I won’t be introducing a separate feed for those. Until next (link) post!

  1. I’ve always thought of those as “link posts”. 

  2. It’s not hard to implement this in a any Jekyll theme, though. Here’s an example. Seems I was just too lazy to ever bother doing it.