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I love programming puzzles, even if I’ve never been particularly good at solving them. For me they were always a good way to gain some practice with a new programming language and to push myself to think for things unrelated to my job or my own projects. Optimizing the performance of solutions to puzzles and reading the solutions of other people is a very educational experience as well. In recent years I rarely had time to play with puzzles, but this year I’ll try to find a bit of time for Advent of Code.

I’ll be using Clojure to solve the puzzles and I’ll post my solutions to GitHub. You can say that I’m also looking for an excuse to use CIDER for anything else besides developing CIDER.

I already solved the first 4 puzzles (you get to solve 2 each day) and this was a lot of fun. Let’s see how far I’ll manage to get. If I manage to solve half the puzzles I’ll consider this a great success!

P.S. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to spam you daily with puzzle solutions!