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From time to time people ask me what’s the best way to get in touch with me, as there are way too many options.

Today we’re all on half a dozen social networks, plus another half a dozen of messaging (chat) services. I don’t know about you, but I really hate juggling all of them and sometimes miss the days of e-mail, IRC and no social networks. I’m an old-school person who loves the simplicity of e-mail and I encourage all of you who want to get in touch with me to just write me an e-mail. I promise to answer all of you, although I don’t promise to do so in a timely fashion. :-)

I welcome all feedback and ideas about articles, projects and talks, and any good conversation about Emacs, Lisp, Life, the Universe and everything in between.

I have a couple of e-mail addresses for you to choose from:

  • bozhidar/bug at batsov.net
  • bozhidar@hey.com

Historically I was a heavy Gmail user, but recently I migrated my e-mail from Gmail to Fastmail. With Fastmail and HEY I enjoy using e-mail communication more than ever.

Apart from e-mail you can also get in touch with me on:

  • Twitter (my favorite social network)
  • GitHub (via issues, PRs and discussions on my projects)
  • Discord (that’s the only chat I enjoy these days and I use it as a support channel for CIDER and RuboCop)

I hope it goes without saying that if you need to report bugs or get some support for some of my projects then GitHub and Discord are the best options for you. I don’t mind discussing such things over e-mail, but I think that having such conversations in public helps the entire community around a project (e.g. it becomes much easier to find solutions to your problems).

It’s funny how as I get older I appreciate the saying “Less is more” more and more. I’ve also started to appreciate way more open standards and privacy. Their combination feels quite liberating!

That’s all I have for you today. Looking forward to hearing from you!