That’s going to be one really short post. I just wanted to share with you that I’ve been using HEY (a new e-mail service from Basecamp) for the past few months and overall I’m quite happy with it. This article is not a review of HEY, it’s more an announcement that now you can reach me at myfirstname@hey.com if you’re into e-mail.1

I’ll keep my @batsov.com e-mail backed by GMail for the time being, as I didn’t really have any fundamental issues with GMail, other than my dislike for Google’s (mis)handling of private data. That being said, I want to expand my usage of HEY going forward. I’ve already moved there all my newsletter subscriptions, as HEY has great support for newsletter, and I’ve also been trying to have most of my conversations with people over HEY as well. To help with this I’ve updated most public mentions of my e-mail (e.g. on GitHub) to point to the new HEY-powered address.

HEY is definitely not perfect (e.g. the message editor feels inferior to what you get in GMail, and the same goes for search functionality), but I love the philosophy of the service and I’m always open to trying new ideas and workflows. I hope that down the road I’ll manage to break free from the grip of Google and leave GMail for good, but that mostly depends on how HEY will evolve and how well will I adapt to using it. In the mean time - I’m looking forward to chatting with more of you over HEY!

  1. I hope it’s clear that you have to replace myfirstname with my real first name. :D