clojure-mode 3.0

clojure-mode 3.0 is out!

It’s one of the most ambitious releases in recent times and brings much improved font-locking across the board. Other notable changes include dropping support for Emacs 23 (CIDER doesn’t support it either) and removing some deprecated features (most notably the functionality for switching between code and its test; see Projectile for an awesome replacement of the old feature).

An extensive list of the changes is available here.

This version also marks the introduction of an automated test suite (currently it consists mostly of font-lock tests), which should make it easier to do changes in the future.

Next step - indentation improvements and decoupling clojure-mode from lisp-mode. Both tasks are related. We’ve been deriving much from lisp-mode since day 1 and this has worked reasonably well so far, but the truth is that Clojure is not Common Lisp (or Emacs Lisp for that matter) and would benefit from a more refined syntax table, indentation rules, etc.

When will this happen? Sadly, I have no idea… Help is definitely welcome!

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy the new clojure-mode!