RuboCop 0.14: Beyond the Ruby Style Guide

Good news, everyone - RuboCop 0.14 was just released!

Generally I announce RuboCop releases in only 140 characters, but this time I’ll make an exception. This release is more significant than most of our recent releases for one particular reason - we’ve made an effort to make more aspects of RuboCop configurable than ever before. For instance now you can make RuboCop enforce the use of double-quoted strings, hashes that only use hash rockets, no spaces inside block parentheses and more of that sort.

I’ve started the project with the simple goal of creating a tool to help you follow the Ruby Style Guide to the letter - originally it didn’t even have configuration options for that very reason The project, however, quickly outgrew its humble origin and became much more popular than I could have envisioned. Today we have a core team of RuboCop hackers, dozens of contributors and thousands of users. Having received a lot of feedback over the past year from people who use slightly modified version of the style guide, I’ve come to realize that the initial approach was hardly optimal and now supporting various popular coding practices is one of the core values of RuboCop.

If you’ve abstained from trying out RuboCop, because you don’t agree with portions of the style guide - now it’s a good time to take it out for a spin. A list of all changes in 0.14 can be found here. All configurable aspects of RuboCop are listed here.

P.S. As usual - suggestions for new features and improvements are always welcome! We can make RuboCop only as good as you want it to be!