RuboCop 0.6.0 released

RuboCop 0.6.0 was just released! It’s RuboCop’s biggest and most ambitious release yet!1 Here are the highlights:

  • 15 new cops (lint checks)
  • Support for disabling cops locally in a file with rubocop:disable comments
  • Half a dozen bugs squashed
  • Small improvements across the board

I guess the support for disabling cops locally deserves a bit of special treatment.

So here’s the basics - you’re now allowed to enable/disable certain cops inline and to alter their behavior if they accept any parameters.

One or more individual cops can be disabled locally in a section of a file by adding a comment such as:

# rubocop:disable LineLength, StringLiterals
# rubocop:enable LineLength, StringLiterals

You can also disable all cops with:

# rubocop:disable all
# rubocop:enable all

One or more cops can be disabled on a single line with an end-of-line comment:

for x in (0..19) # rubocop:disable AvoidFor

You can see all the gory details in the changelog. I hope you’ll enjoy RuboCop 0.6.0!

  1. Fun fact - the entire release took only 6 days to develop.