Emacs Support for the Slim Template Language

I’m mostly a Ruby on Rails developer these days and as such I’m pretty fond of the Slim template language. I’ve always hated HTML + ERB, since that evil duo encourages all sorts of ever practices and recently I’ve adopted Slim as a replacement for my long time favourite ERB alternative - Haml.

I won’t discuss here the shortcomings of Haml vs Slim, but I’ll share with you the big advantage Haml has over Slim (for Emacs users at least) - it has a pretty nice major editing mode for Emacs. Slim’s Emacs support on the other hand is rather iffy and is presently mostly based on haml-mode. That will hopefully change soon, since recently I’ve become a co-maintainer of slim-mode and I plan to improve it as much as I can (currently I’m mostly working on precise font-locking). Any help from interested parties is, naturally, most welcome. I very much doubt that me and Daniel Mendler are the only two people dreaming of great Slim experience in Emacs.


Let us together eliminate that big Haml advantage.