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I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for quite some time now and a Fedora user for just as long. The first distribution that I ever used was Fedora 2 and even though I’ve used extensively other distros I’ve always come back to Fedora. Recently Fedora 15 was released and I was (naturally) one of the first people to install it.

Everything is great in the new release (as ever), but my Xerox Phaser 3117 printer is unsupported (also as ever) out of the box, so it’s time for one of those quick articles on how to get it up and running this time. First run the following command as root (or with sudo):

# yum install gutenprint-foomatic

Now you can run the “Printing” application. It will autodetect your printer and suggest you to use the driver for Xerox Phaser 3110. Just accept this suggestion and you should be good to go. Happy printing!

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